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What About Shipping?  Shipping and insurance within the United States are free via USPS Priority Mail. Since Sharon Cipriano Jewelry is based in rural southern Arizona, that is the only readily-available option.  If another form of shipping is needed, please contact us to determine applicable charges.

What does "This is a heavier item" mean?  This designation is used if a necklace weighs 10 ounces or more to help you make an informed selection.

What is tagua?  Tagua is a natural, sustainable material that comes from a type of palm tree found in Ecuador, Colombia and other countries.  After it has been shaped and polished, tagua resembles animal ivory and is often referred to as "vegetable ivory."  The production of tagua contributes to the preservation of the tropical rainforest and the livelihood of the indigenous people living there.  The tagua beads used in Sharon Cipriano Jewelry were commissioned and collected by Sharon during her extensive travels in Ecuador.