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About us

About the Artist

Sharon Cipriano has been designing jewelry for stylish women since 2000.  Each piece is individually handcrafted in her Tubac, Arizona, studio, and her creations have been showcased in publications, museum shops, boutiques, and galleries around the United States.

Sharon's international travels began when she was an exchange student to Greece at the age of 16, and the artists and craftspeople of other cultures have always been a major inspiration for her work.

She also draws on her personal collection of Japanese woodblock prints, antique postcards, 18th century engravings and vintage books and papers for the images she uses on her signature Art Beads. 

          "My use of art images connects me to both the artist and the subject, and they are connected to my world in a way the original artist could never have envisioned...just as future wearers of the piece are connected to us all.

          My jewelry is not only about adornment and self-expression, but also embodies the connections that we share across time, space and culture."

Each piece of Sharon Cipriano Jewelry is a timeless treasure created for the contemporary woman.

 About the Jewelry

Our necklaces are made with the highest quality of materials and workmanship.  However, many pieces include antique and vintage elements that sometimes have slight imperfections.  We embrace these as evidence of their journey through time and space, and believe they only add to the beauty and character of the piece.

The Art Beads that are focal points of many of our necklaces are Sharon's unique creations and are exclusive to the Sharon Cipriano Jewelry collections.

Many of our bold designs are made using large beads.  Those crafted from materials such as tagua (vegetable ivory), wood and amber are lightweight despite their size.  Beads from gemstones such a turquoise, quartz, japer, etc., can be considerably heavier.  Since "heavy" is an individual perception, in order to give you a complete description of each necklace, those with a total weight of 8 ounces or more are marked as "heavier pieces."  Regardless of weight, every piece in our collection is designed to be worn with comfort and security.